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Project team

Dmitro Yakimets
Project Manager

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Roman Koshovyy
PR Manager

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Zoriana Stots'ko
Program Coordinator

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Iryna Blida
Project Assistant in Nove Misto village

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Oleg Sabadash
Technical engineer

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Illia Ivanovskyi
Educational Programs Coordinator

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Levko Dovgan
Meat and Dairy Program Coordinator

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Interesting facts about Boykos


Project “COWBOYky: Ukrainian Wild West” is being implemented by Nove Misto village council in partnership with West Ukrainian Resource Center, community council ”Horizon” and law firm ”Moris Group”, with the financial support of European Union within the framework of Mayors for Economic Growth (M4EG) Initiative.

Project development plan

Want to become a pioneer and conquer the Ukrainian Wild West, reveal its secrets and mysteries at the bottom of the well and discover the tourist potential of Boykos’ Land? Want to find your own Ukrainian Klondike and stake a claim to a piece of land, which will become your ‘goldmine’ and a source of well-being?

Interested in the opportunity to take part in implementation of the new and innovative territory development model and become part of the tourist business cluster “COWBOYky: Ukrainian Wild West”?

Ready to make an in-kind contribution to creating a new, unique and promising tourist product "COWBOYky: Ukrainian Wild West"?

Contact us and we will happily help you make your dream come true!


NGO Development Foundation "West Ukrainian Resource Center"

ZORIANA STOTS'KO Program Coordinator
IRYNA BLIDA Project Assistant in Nove Misto village

21 Lysenko Street, Lviv, Ukraine