Boykos’ history

Boykos is the most mysterious Ukrainian tribe.

Its genealogy is so old that historians fail to figure out who Boykos were, what their origin was and why were they given that name. Even the tribe`s settlement borders are still very conditional – people from the Boykos borderland either shy away from being called Boykos or relocated from their fatherland long time ago.

The name of the tribe – Boykos – has been a matter of dispute for the last two centuries. Some say that this name comes from the Russian word “boykyy“ (meaning ‘lively’), others say that it originates from the proper name Boyko or Boi. There are those who believe that the name of Boykos tribe comes from dialectal particle “boyye”, others support a theory the name means a local manner to appeal to God – “bogoyku”, etc.

More information on the history of Boykos can be found in Natalia Klyashtorna research (ПІК 2000).

(This information is provided exclusively for educational purposes in order to popularize the Boykos ethnic group.)